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Date: 25th May 2016
UV CTP Plate
Weifang Hua Guang Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the famous China UV CTP plate manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.hgctpmachine.com, we are able to offer you good quality and stable CTCP plate, offset UV plate, welcome to contact our factory. UV CTP Plate Product Description Huaguang UV-P Positive UV-CTP offset printing PS Plate is a kind of special high-sensitive offset PS printing plate developed by Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co.,Ltd to meet the demands of UV-CTP development. It fits both UV-CTP plate-making and conventional CTF ( computer to film) plate-making. It is not only suitable for superb color business printing, but also qualified for the requirement of high speed and efficiency newspaper printing.? High quality aluminum substrate? High quality aluminum coil is adopted as the substrate that guarantees the flatness of plates, precise plate sizes and various physical mechanical properties. Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer? Multilayered complex grain structure and dense oxidized layer are formed on the surface of the substrates through graining treatment with a series of chemical and electric-chemical methods to ensure that the plates possess precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-abrasion. The substrate of hydrophilic treatment? Hydrophilic treatment can guarantee the adherence of the photosensitive layer to the substrate, improve the ink-water balance and also overcome the normal contaminations during printing and at shut-down time. Perfect coating formulation? Special coating formulation features the following properties: such as high sensitivity, fine dot reproduction, wide processing latitude and long run length; which ensures that the plates fit UV-CTP (CTCP) plate-making very much. It is your best choice of the superb color business printing and newspaper printing. Characteristics and applications? Stable quality? High sensitivity? High resolution? Long run length? Strong UV-CTP plate setters compatibility UV Plate Technical Specification Plate Type UV-P Positive CTCP Plate Application Medium run sheet-feed, web and packaging applications Substrate Electro-chemically grained and anodized aluminum Gauge 0.15mm,0.30mm Spectral Sensitivity 350nm-420nm UV light, 365-375nm &405-410nm UV Laser Safe Light UV filtered or Yellow Plate-setter compatibility Luscher Xpose! UV-Setter, Basysprint UV-Setter, Cron UVP etc. Sensitivity 50-60 mj/cm2 Color change Blue-Green to Pale-Green after exposed Development Conductivity: 55-70ms Temperature: 20-25?C ?PH 13-13.4 Developer Common positive offset plate developer Dot reproduction 2%-98% in 200lpi Final image color Blue-Green Shelf life 18 months when stored in a light-free area away from excessive cold, heat and humidity Run length 0.30mm above 100,000 ( Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and stock conditions )
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